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The ideal ergonomic monitor height is for the top of the screen to be slightly below eye level. Monitor risers elevate the monitor to the optimal height for comfortable viewing.

This helps the user maintain good upper body posture, reducing the risk of strain in the muscles at the back of the neck and in the upper back.

Stackable and sturdy
Each Ergoapt Monitor Riser elevates monitors in increments of 50mm and can be stacked upon one another so that the correct height and posture can be achieved. Ergoapt Monitor Risers are fitted with interlocking tabs. When stacked upon one another, the tabs ensure that the Monitor Risers are locked into place.

Manufactured from lightweight and durable polypropylene, the engineered design delivers a rigid and sturdy base.

Key features
Adjusts monitor height in 50mm increments to achieve the correct ergonomic monitor height.
Units can be stacked to raise monitors to the ideal height.
Interlocking tabs ensure that stacked stands provide a solid foundation for monitors to rest on. When not required, the tabs fold out of the way.
The front of reach stand has an opening that can be used as storage of stationery.
Supports up to 10kgs.
Manufactured from lightweight and durable polypropylene.

Width 290mm
Depth 295mm
Height 50mm

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