Desky Bamboo Under Desk Drawer
Our stunning bamboo desk drawer is perfect for minimalists who want to keep their office supplies and gadgets neatly tucked away but still easily accessible. Consider matching it to a bamboo desk top or coordinating it with a different desk top finish for a striking look.

Its spacious inner dimensions allow plenty of space for tablets and even some laptops depending on their size and the height is designed to prevent it from hanging down while open. The optional stop bar also prevents the drawer from being accidentally pulled all the way out.

We have been busy making accessories like our drawer units to keep your space safe, secure and clutter free so you can focus on what really matters.

Make more desk space!
Additional Desktop Space: Perfect to free up your desktop space and store away any essentials you need. It is also designed to fit A4 pages, books or folders.
Matching Finish: Constructed from the same bamboo as your desktop the two finishes will match perfectly. Coated with a protective clear coat to last a lifetime.
Large Capacity: Designed to maximise the space within the drawer, with a 100% bamboo construction and no metal drawer slides.

Drawers that are environmentally friendly
Made from an environmentally-friendly and sustainable material, our bamboo desk drawer is a great choice for those who are concerned about environmental impact. Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional drawers made from wood and its sleek finish suits all types of office decor.

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