Desky Under Desk Drawer
Our under desk storage drawer is perfect for those who need to add extra storage to their sit stand desk. Easily fitted under the desk, this drawer storage option provides an accessible space for your documents whether seated or standing.

Measuring at 513mm wide, 481mm deep and 187mm tall, it’s perfect for documents or for personal storage. So if you need somewhere for those frequently used files, your phone or tablet or whatever else, you can keep it all close to hand without cluttering your desk or the rest of your workspace. Don't buy a desk with drawers, add one! Desky has been working hard to create useful desk drawer units and storage that compliments our desk range so do take the time to check out the range.

Make more desk space!
Hanging for additional space: Designed to hang down further to allow space for notebooks above. Store valuables safely out of view whilst having easy access to any notepads or other goods on top!

Black Coating: Covered in durable black paint to ensure it can withstand daily use. With a high scratch resistance you will be able to enjoy the storage for years to come.

Large Capacity: Dual sliders allow for carrying a full drawer and easy access at any time during your work day whilst also being discretely positioned under your desktop.

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