Fitout Services

Phone us today on 02 4952 1555 to start your new office fitout. 

We can manage the whole process and create your ideal workspace from ceilings to furniture and everything in between.

Project Management
Following on-going client demand and current trends in our marketplace, Experienced Office Furniture are ever progressive in responding to customer needs. Recognising the benefits of a trusted Project Manager, who stands accountable for all aspects of your interior fit out and maintenance work, we can fully accommodate this growing need. 

This  enablement of continuity in your day to day business, without your undertaking the sometimes “arduous tasks” of planning, scheduling, coordinating, administering  and on-going  management of multiple trades,  means you can now relax in the comfort that your project is being carefully handled and will be completed in a timely and structured manner. 

Space plans
For your office to function at it’s peak potential you need to have a office layout which both maximises the available floor and overcomes any obstacles which could interupt the flow. Our expert advice and ability to consult with you in the early and late stages is vital in achieving the best possible office space. We can provide you with detailed floor plans and computer generated 3D rendering which you can make all the crucial decisions in an informed manner

Whether exposed grid or concealed ceiling systems, our range of design options can enhance and invigorate any space. Add feature lighting to maximise the finished effect.

Curved walls in solid or glazed partitioning adds a whole new dimension to your office environment. Customised graphics or wall coverings can complete your tailored feature.

Glass walls
Maximising the flow of natural light and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, glazed walls by very design, grant you the popular illusion of an enlarged workspace.

As a necessary addition doors don’t need to be solely functional. Our range of doors will allow you to add feature to function.

Electrical/Data/Phone systems
With every movement in an office environment comes incremental electrical, data and voice essentials. Our team can advise on best practises and simplify this sometimes daunting processes.

Air conditioning
With an application to suit every need, we will integrate new or existing air conditioning/ ventilation system to generate an ambient environment for both you and your staff.

Light up your office by introducing lighting into your furniture. Our custom designed reception counters below show the effectiveness of using lights within your counter for an amazing first impression. Our design team can customise your fitout with lighting to give your fitout the wow factor.

Specialist services 
(Video conferencing/fire suppression/water detection)
All such services are indeed specialist and are both exacting and specific to the individual needs. Talk to us today so we might customise for your given application.

Australia’s climate often dictates the requirement for block out blinds, offering that much needed element of relief. Without trading creativity for purpose, why not print with your corporate colours or logo.

Kitchens/coffee docks
We can custom your kitchen to your very needs. Tea station/coffee dock/ break out area or full canteen let us design and implement your chosen option.

Product Design
Some clients have specific needs and visions which therefore mean the standard products available just don’t work. Never fear, we can custom design a product to suit any requirement, we will provide you with accurate 3D computer renderings through out the design stage and then our designers will brief our manufacturing team and as the photos below show you will be provided with a custom design product, specific to your needs and accurate to our concpet renderings.