Quality LED Adjustable Monitor Mount
Finding your perfect gaming position can improve your gaming and keep you gaming longer. Whether you’re sitting or standing, a stopping posture can damage your neck and cause pain and fatigue. Our gaming monitor arms allows you 40 degrees of tilt, 90 degrees of swivel and 180 rotation, so you have maximum flexibility. And no matter how far you extend the arm it will carry up to 8kg with it’s spring assisted mechanism.

LIke all of our PC arms it comes with the VESA attachment for easy assembly. In-built cable management keeps all wires out of sight, and you can charge any other device you’re using from the base mounted USB ports. Fits easily to most desks using a clamp lock system.

Desky Single LED Monitor Arm
Increase Workspace: Lifting your monitor off your desk can open up increased space and reduce desktop clutter.
Improve Ergonomic Position: Easily move and adjust your monitors position to ensure optimal position with your eyes and body for increased performance.
Heavy Lifting: With a capacity of 8kg per screen, you can ensure up to 34" screens are easily carried
VESA: Suitable with the most popular 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA screen mounts and available with a laptop holder.

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