Light up your Monitor Arms
For a fully immersive gaming experience, one monitor might not be enough. But finding enough space on your desk might be a challenge. Let alone the best positioning! Our dual monitor arm is designed with gamers in mind, and can accommodate monitors up to 32 inches. That’s 74 inches of screen to put exactly where you want it.

The spring assisted arms can support up to 8kg each, and give you total flexibility of positioning. So you can find the spot that’s best for your gaming and your posture, giving you the best possible gaming experience. The arm also has USB and multimedia ports in the base. And the base has a built in ambient light. So you can drop the lights in the room and still find all you need on your desk. The light is built into the base, which attaches to your desk using a clamp designed to fit even the bulkiest desk.

Desky Dual LED Gaming Monitor Arm
Increase Workspace: Lifting your monitor off your desk increases desk space and reduces desktop clutter.
Improve Ergonomic Position: Easily move and adjust your monitors position to ensure optimal position with your eyes and body for increased performance.
Heavy Lifting: With a capacity of 8kg per screen, you can ensure up to 32" screens are easily carried
VESA: Suitable with the most popular screen mounts and available with a laptop holder.
LED Lighting: Full 360 degree LED lighting at the base of your monitor arm

Easy Access USB 3.0 & Multi-Media Ports
Finding an easy power source has never been easier with 2 USB 3.0 Ports at the base of our LED Arm. Ideal for charging your phone devices or gaming controllers.

Alongside this are two well placed multi-media ports which allow direct headphone plug and play. While visually pleasing with LEDs this monitor arm excels in function. Quality monitor arms for avid gamers - we've got you covered.

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