Desky Single Eco Monitor Mount
Keeping your monitor at the correct height is crucial if you want to protect your back and neck from strain. But if you move around during the day, you may well need to adjust your monitor position. This single articulated steel monitor arm allows a range of movements, which can be easily achieved as you switch positions. Fitted with VESA mounts, the screens can be rotated a full 360 degrees if needed. And the height can be adjusted easily too. The positions can be locked in using the double joint if required. Depending on your desk, the arm can be fitted either using a clamp or a grommet.

Easy Install & Increased Flexibility
Our monitor arms are engineered to provide as much movement and flexibility in positioning as humanly possible. The two join design on the arm of the mount and generous 440mm vertical arm movement along the mounts centre pole ensure that you can find your perfect placement.

Our inbuilt cable management clip system will tidy and group all leads to keep them safe from damage, whilst keeping your desktop clutter free. The mount is capable of carrying monitors up to 8kg in weight, and a screen size of up to 32”.

Optimise your Ergonomic Workspace
Providing the user with an eye level monitor, you can maintain a good posture and avoid neck and back strain. By reducing forward pressure from incorrect screen placement allows for a less strenuous and more productive space.

Two joints and hinges provide total flexibility, whilst the inbuilt cable management ensures your desk is safe and clutter free. Solid construction means that our height adjustable monitor arms will stand up to repeated changes of position and load without complaint.

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