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Postura® Max is an iconic Australian designed and manufacture seating solution which is ergonomically designed and engineered for the Australian classroom. Postura® Max comes with a 20 year warranty so you can chose Postura® Max with the confidence that you are purchasing a product that is built to last.

Superior pressure support curve IPR (Ischial- Pressure Release
Extra large lumbar air ventilation in the backrest.
New flexing air bridge supporting the chair
Anti-rocking system, designed to resist rocking backwards
The single injection molded polypropylene design is made for durability
Anti-static polypropylene stays cleaner for longer and is easier to clean
Stacks up to a recommended 12 chairs high on the floor
Stacked chairs can easily be moved using the Postura® Trolley

Postura® Max comes in a range of sizes to suit Primary to Secondary students

Max 2 $69

Overall dimensions: 360mm x 350mm x 550mm
Seat dimensions: 275mm x 260mm x 310mm

Max 3 $79

Overall dimensions: 425mm x 425mm x 640mm
Seat dimensions: 340mm x 325mm x 350mm

Max 4 $89
Overall dimensions: 435mm x 445mm x 662mm
Seat dimensions: 340mm x 325mm x 380mm

Max 5 $99
Overall dimensions: 480mm x 490mm x 765mm
Seat dimensions: 375mm x 395mm x 430mm

Max 6 $109

Overall dimensions: 480mm x 510mm x 790mm
Seat dimensions: 375mm x 395mm x 460mm

Postura® Max comes in an extensive range of colours to suit your school
Available colours are Blue, Aqua, Avocado, Pine Lime, Grape, Jaffa, Black, Dark Grey and Slate.

Postura® Max has optional Hot Stamping available – you can have your school logo/emblem stamped on the chair. Please contact our Sales Team on 02 4952 1555 if you are interested in customising your Postura® Max with a stamp.

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