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Room Dividers



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What are they?

Double sided partitions that measure 1820x950mm (with wheels). One side is magnetic whiteboard. The other a charcoal pinnable fabric. They can be linked together with a connector to ensure maximum flexibility. They can be turned at right angles or connected in a straight line. Each panel is supplied with 2 Flipchart paper clips to hold meeting notes and a magnetic pen shelf. You can connect as many partitions together as you need to partition rooms into 2 ... to make U shaped cubicles , to make a zig zag pattern .. you name it!

How are they different to most partitions?

Most partitions don't have wheels. Most partitions do not link together. Most partitions are not really pinnable .. and most partitions don't have a whiteboard. So really .. they're unlike most ordinary partitions. Our Communicate Room Dividers really do offer you a clever solution .. wherever you care to use them.

Why should I use them?

Room Dividers create more efficient use of open plan space

They provide a quieter, more focused meeting space in large areas

They provide a quick space for small meetings in sometimes large chaotic open areas

Because of their flexibility they allow meetings or even recreational space to be constructed in minutes !

Large rooms can be subdivided to ensure efficient and collaborative meetings

Ideal for setting up smaller 'break-out' brainstorming groups

They can be de-constructed and stored in a 'concertina' shape awaiting the next use

In classrooms they add character by being used with bright posters and drawings ...

So that large areas are less intimidating to young children

Teachers reading stories just became better... with less distractions

Room Dividers can quickly hide ugly or 'no go' areas .. from kitchenettes to photocopiers or even toilets.

In advanced education .. smaller 'one on one' meetings can be 'conjured' from large areas in a matter of moments

Simply wheel the Room Dividers into position .. and move them into the shape that's suitable

After the class or meeting .. simply roll them back into storage .. or change their shape

Anything else?

Well .. did we say that the whiteboard comes with a 8 year warranty ? Or that the pinnable side features a charcoal fabric that 'hides' the pinholes ?

Start communicating. .Improve work spaces. .Increase your efficiencies .

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