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The new sustainable stool to complement your classroom and create a welcoming environment for students.

The perfect classroom companion
Bringing fun and functionality into classrooms, the Ned Stool is the perfect companion for students. Not only is it robust and durable, but it’s also lightweight and stackable making it easy for students to move around the classroom, library or breakout space. This means that they can create spaces for individual time, small group learning or classroom reading time.

Tried and tested, the Ned Stool can handle the tough love from kids both indoors and outdoors and are stacks of fun wherever and however they learn. The stool is a trusted buddy that can go anywhere with students and teachers depending on the activities they’re doing.

Made from post-consumer recycled materials.
Lightweight design makes it easily stackable.
Footrail cut-out for smaller students to sit comfortably.
The grab handle allows students and teachers to easily move the stool around the room.
Made from UV stabilised polypropylene making it great for intermittent outdoor use.

Available in Amber, Forest, Ocean and Slate.

395mm(w) x 435mm(d) x 430mm(h)

Stacking details
Stackable and easy to unstack - no vacuum or taper locking.
Up to 5 stools can be safely stacked on top of each other.

Warranty: 5 Years


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