FX GO 1200W...

FX GO 1200W...



Fully riveted for extra strength
Adjustable feet
Lockable with 2 keys
Magnetic Slam rail keeps doors closed
40kg weight rating per shelf
Extra shelves are available - $29 per shelf
10 Year Warranty

1200mm(w) x 473mm(d) x 1016mm(h) - includes 2 shelves $909
1200mm(w) x 473mm(d) x 1200mm(h) - includes 2 shelves $1029
1200mm(w) x 473mm(d) x 1981mm(h) - includes 5 shelves $1419

Available in White or Black

Planter box to sit on top of cabinet $289
The Go Planter box will sit on top of a Tambour door cupboard or Lateral Filing cabinet and can be used with artificial or live plants. It takes a 20mm pot and has an incorporated drip tray. Backed by a 10 year warranty.
• Suitable for Live or Artificial Plants
• Drip Tray Incorporated
• Place of Top of GO Tambour Door Cupboard or Lateral Filing Cabinet
• Available in White or Black
• Environmentally friendly with live plants
• Fully assembled

Slotted Shelf $69
The Go Slotted shelf is a great solution for shelf filing, with a rear support and a reinforced slotted shelf and dividers. 
• Slotted to Accept GS7D Divider
• Comes with Rear Support for Dividers
• Reinforced Shelf to Take Heavy Weight
• Pack of 5 Shelf Dividers for Slotted Shelf also available $49

Additional standard shelves $39 each
• Includes 2 x Shelf Clips


Roll Out Filing Frame $269
The Go Roll out filing frame will house one row of Foolscap files in a 900mm wide model and 2 rows in a 1200mm wide model.
• 970mm W Filing Frame Takes 2 Rows of Foolscap Folders Filed Side to Side
• Anti Tilt Device When Using Multiple Frames
• Available in White or Black

Pull Out File Reference Shelf $239
The pull out shelf allows you to sort files at the Tambour unit.
• Files Foolscap files front to back
• Anti tilt device when using multiple frames
• Use to Work On Files at Tambour Unit
• Slides Out for Easy Operation
• Available in White only

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