Our Manually Adjustable Zero Sit Stand Desk Converter
So you already know that sitting in front of your computer screen all day is not good for you. You’ve heard that standing and sit-stand desks are much better for your spine and your neck, and alleviate sitting pain. You really want to try one but the hefty price-tag is holding you back. Well our Gas Spring Sit-Stand Desk Converter is the solution.

There is no need for you to ditch your current desk; the Sit-Stand Desk Converter simply sits on it. It is compact, cutting down on shipping costs and arrives ready assembled, meaning you can benefit from a healthier, more ergonomic worklife straight from the box.

Adjusting the height requires no effort since its high-performance internal gas spring allows for smooth transitions. Therefore allowing you to adjust your body regularly throughout the day, have your screen at eye level, reducing eye strain and burn more calories while you work. Win win!

Oh, and it folds away in moments, freeing up your desktop should you need the extra space for a while.

Desky Affordable Stand Up Converter Lifting System
Ergonomic Sit & Stand Heights: Lifting heights have been designed to provide a seated and standing height range that is ergonomically suited for 70% of all user heights.  Minimum height (64cm) allows a seated position with both feet firmly on the ground and the maximum height (128cm) we don't recommend for users under 160cm but does provide a comfortable standing position for users over 210cm.
Counter Balance Gas Spring: Enables the user to seamlessly switch between the transition of sitting or standing.
Heavy Duty Capacity: Supporting up to 13kg of weight means that you're able to use any desktop, laptop or screen with peace of mind.
Lower Keyboard Deck: Smart design allows the keyboard and mouse to be raised in sync with your top surface which ensures a comfortable work space.


Core MaterialMDF (Particle Board)
FinishMelamine Decorative Surface
Desktop Size600 x 400 mm
Desktop Thickness16mm

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