Desky Elite Ergonomic Chair
The budget-friendly Elite Ergonomic Chair at Desky is designed to suit a wide variety of workers and comes with a wide range of customizable features usually found in more expensive ergonomic chairs.

Non-ergonomic chairs can cause back and neck pain, impeding your focus and productivity but with its advanced features like adjustable seat height, headrest and lumbar support, three-way adjustable arms, tilt lock, seat depth, auto weight sensing tilt tension, the Elite Ergonomic Chair means you can fine-tune your chair to suit your specific needs. You can customise this each time you sit at your desk.

The built-in synchro-tilt mechanism allows for the seat and back of the chair to tilt simultaneously at slightly different ratios, ensuring the backrest reclines at a comfortable angle without forcing your feet off the floor. This design is typically only found in more expensive ergonomic desk chairs. Once you find your ideal position, the tilt-lock secures the chair in place.

The durable material of the Elite’s back mesh fabric means better ventilation and airflow, keeping you cool by transferring heat away from you. The Elite's breathable fabric and padded seat cushion allows you to focus by making your sitting experiences far more comfortable.

Budget-friendly chair with advanced adjustable features; seat height and depth, headrest, back, lumbar, three-way adjustable arms, tilt lock and auto-weight sensing tilt tension adjustment.
Breathable mesh delivers greater airflow. You stay cool all day, supported by the fabric seat cushion
Synchro-tilt is an adjustable mechanism for back and seat resistance. The backrest reclines when you lean backwards, keeping your feet on the floor
Auto-weight sensing tilt tension allows you to tilt to a comfortable position and lock in your settings
Optional Height and tilt-adjustable headrest keep both your back and neck supported so you can focus on more important tasks

Your Perfect Fitting Chair 
Save money without compromising on features or quality with this budget-friendly, ergonomic chair. The Elite Ergonomic Chair by Desky outshines other ergonomic chairs in a higher price bracket. The height, headrest, back, lumbar, three-way arm adjustment, tilt lock, seat depth, and synchro mechanism mean you are in charge of the ultimate customised sitting experience.

Stay Cool at Your Desk
The cooling mesh fabric transfers heat away from you, providing better ventilation and airflow; no more fidgeting in the hot seat. Also included is a padded seat cushion for additional support. We recommend you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, but the Elite's mesh back and cushioned seat ensure your comfort while seated.

Optional Headrest
Achieving perfect posture is easy with the removable, adjustable headrest. Comfortably cradle your neck with this sleek, height-adjustable headrest with free-tilting support, relieving a stiff neck and headaches.

Synchro-tilt Mechanism
Synchro-tilt mechanisms allow the back and seat of an ergonomic office chair to tilt together but at different ratios - the back reclines 2-degrees for every 1-degree of seat tilt, ensuring a comfortable angle when you lean back while the smaller seat-recline angle keeps your feet firmly on the floor. Allowing this stable, healthy, comfortable position is a feature not often found in chairs at this price range.

BIFMA Certified

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