Our Manually Adjustable Zero Pedestal Sit Stand Desk
Nobody wants to feel as if they are always at work. And with many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, you need your home office to be a flexible, mobile space-saving workstation you can set up, adjust to the ideal height and later hide away in seconds.

Our mobile workstation’s minimal design in a matt white finish will bring a touch of the professional to your work space but will not look out of place tucked away in your dining room.

The sturdy construction of the steel and aluminium body means stability and here, heavy duty casters supporting an elegant central column mean it can be effortlessly rolled into position, brakes locked in place, height-adjustable by pneumatic foot pedal for either sitting or standing; no lifting required.

The table-top dimensions make it the perfect solution for a mobile workstation at home or in the office. It can also be utilised for meetings and conferences rooms, allowing you and your team to give professional presentations without feeling cramped.

Desky Affordable Single Lifting System
Ergonomic Sit & Stand Heights: Lifting heights have been designed to provide a seated and standing height range that is ergonomically suited for 70% of all user heights.  Minimum height (75cm) allows a seated position with both feet firmly on the ground and the maximum height (112cm) we don't recommend for users under 160cm but does provide a comfortable standing position for users over 210cm.

Counter Balance Gas Spring: Enables the user to seamlessly switch between the transition of sitting or standing.

Heavy Duty Capacity: Supporting up to 8kg of weight means that you're able to use any desktop, laptop or screen with peace of mind.

Perfect Design for All Spaces 
You can place the compact table and design into any area with ease due to the four casters and minimal, space saving design. A great addition for all offices, schools, homes and conference rooms!

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