The Perfect Stand-alone and Collaborative Table

The perfect stand-alone desk for independent learning or combined to create larger group settings. Its perfect companion is the Stingray desk. This classic shaped desk can be clustered with itself or ‘virtually’ any height adjustable desk with a 600 mm depth.

Features (Download Product Guide Here)
Sebel Performance Edge – Tamper resistant injection moulded polypropylene edge
High performance castors allow a space to be reconfigured with ease
Reinforced polypropylene legs (Twist’n’Lock™) deliver ultra-strength and durability.
Pin-less leg system means no more broken pins
Patented adjustment grooves allows fast and easy adjustment
Six adjustable heights (from 520 mm to 760 mm) increase classroom flexibility

Table Top Edge Options
Get the EDGE
Performance Edge™ tabletops use a unique patented design tapered edge which is ultra-comfortable and perfect for extended use. The Performance Edge™ tapered edging reduces pressure on students’ forearms caused by leaning and writing, making them the most comfortable tables around.
The Performance Edge™ tabletops use a superior hard-wearing material compared to regular rigid edging, and are virtually ‘pick proof’ so the edges don’t delaminate or peel off easily.
The unique edging not only enhances user comfort, but it also reduces damage done to walls and other furniture whilst moving tables around to change between learning modes.
Table Twist’n’Lock™ Tables are also available with a Rigid Edge which is a traditional straight edge. 

600mm(w) x 600mm(d)
Height: Twist’n’Lock™ Tables can be easily set to height increments of 520mm, 580mm, 630mm, 680mm, 720mm or 760mm
Other shapes and dimensions are available including Rectangle, Round, Cinque, Semi Circle, Crescent, Trap, Sting Ray or Orio.

Performance Edge Colours
Sebel Twist’n’Lock™ Tables are available with a Warm Grey Frame and your choice of Lime, Jaffa, Grape, Aqua or Black bottom section of leg.
TOP COLOURS: Sebel Twist’n’Lock™ Tables Top Performance Edge Colour Options include Bull Blue, Fog Grey, Sebel Stone or Writable Surface.
EDGE COLOURS: Sebel Twist’n’Lock™ Tables Performance Edge Colour Options include Grey, Black, Jaffa, Grape, Aqua and Pinelime. Please note: Aqua, Black, Grape, Jaffa and Pinelime are ONLY available with a Writable Top.

Standard Top Colour (Blue Bull, Fog Grey and Sebel Stone) with Grey Edge $209
Writable Top with Grey, Black, Jaffa, Grape, Aqua or Pinelime Performance Edge $229

EOF recommends contacting our Sales Team on 02 4952 1555 before ordering to request a colour swatch if you are unsure of colours.

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