Desky Under Desk Drawer
If you are tired of your desktop being cluttered with pens, staplers, sticky tape and the other paraphernalia you keep lying around ‘just in case’, then our under-desk swivel storage tray is the solution. It enables you to add extra hidden storage space to your existing desk, keeping it tucked away until you need it.

The sturdy design means you do not have to worry about the odd knock putting it out of action. It is easily installed in minutes and the 360° swivel allows you to store it neatly away. Plus the generous 5cm between the tray and the desk fits bulkier items with ease, keeping you well-organised.

The under-desk swivel storage tray further complements standing desks, where you may have to bend constantly to retrieve items from drawers placed at a conventional height. With our swivel tray, the items are easily accessible, no matter the height you set your desk.

Make more desk space!
Hanging for additional space: Designed to hang down further to allow space for notebooks above. Store valuables safety out of view whilst having easy access to any notepads or other goods ontop!
Black Coating: Covered in durable black paint to ensure it can withstand daily use. With high a high scratch resistance you will be able to enjoy the storage for years to come.

Drawers ready for your workflow
Having easy access to pens, pads and other stationary is critical during your busy day. We designed the under-desk draw to help minimise or remove the requirement for larger storage.

Desky® - Raising the Standard in Desk Accessories
Our under-desk swivel drawers are engineered from the toughest materials to provide world beating rigidity and smooth operation. We’ve obsessed over the design to make sure we are bringing you the most stable and toughest swivel drawers available.

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