Sit and Stand in Comfort
Our pro active stool is designed to allow a standing posture in comfort. Perch stools are useful for those who spend extended periods standing. They allow you to relieve strain on the legs whilst keeping active.

The weighted base locks the centre of gravity right to the floor. So you can be confident that the stool will not just support your weight. It will keep upright as you lean into it and support even the largest frame. The Pro Active adjutable Stool is also great for active sitting, or environments where you’re frequently moving about. Height can be adjusted effortlessly with the pneumatic lift system. So changing between positions is as easy as possible.

Australia's Favourite Leaning Stool
Ergonomic Position: Easily move up and down to gain your perfect position, ensuring correct posture while standing or sitting. Quality ergonomic chairs and office stools.

Easily Adjust: Simply press the button at the base for a quick release to adjust the height up and down.

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