Desky Active Bar Stool
Our wobble stool is the perfect accompaniment to your sit standing desk. It is height adjustable. Allowing for active sitting; you use your core muscles to improve posture, taking the strain off your back muscles and reducing back pain. But adjusted to the correct height, means you can ‘perch’, effectively standing and making the most of your sit stand desk.

The conveniently placed handle for the air-lift piston mechanism makes for quick seat-height adjustment whilst seated.

You can work at a height that allows you to naturally rock, tilt and lean means a more comfortable day in your workspace. And it is also in place if your feet and knees need a break from standing all day. The correct height can provide the perfect solution to a misaligned spine and is fidget-friendly if you are the sort of person who cannot sit still at your standing desk.

Sitting or standing, this completes the look of your home office and is fun to use.

Australia's Favourite Standing Stool
Ergonomic Position: Easily move up and down to gain your perfect position, ensuring correct posture while standing or sitting.

Easily Adjust: Simply press the button at the base for a quick release to adjust the height up and down.

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