Desky Pro Ergonomic Chair
Over the years, the importance of a healthy work environment has become a priority for workers the world over. The ever-developing design of office chairs means they are now practically stylish works of art as well as super-supportive and customised.

Desky’s Pro Ergonomic Chair may well be the pinnacle of the supportive seated experience, yet its price tag makes it an excellent choice for even the most budget-conscious. Desk chairs made to move!

Chair Exoskeleton: Ergonomic design keeps your spine in a natural position
Contoured supportRib-like composition and supportive spine system add flexibility and comfort no matter your position
Breathability Built-in: Aeroflow mesh backrest helps keep you cool and plush seat buttresses your lower half
Made to fit: Height-adjustable arms combined with seat depth and lumbar configurations allow you to make the chair your own
Improved Support: Customizable lumbar support can be adjusted higher or lower
Lean Back: The backrest angle adjustment features a weight sensing mechanism that adjusts as you lean
Go Green: Constructed from eco-friendly materials that are up to 62% recyclable at the end of their life cycle
Colour Options: White & black finishes are available
See Me Rollin': Quality chair caster wheels for easy repositioning

Professional Ergonomic Design
The Pro Ergonomic Chair stand-out feature is the back. Designed to mimic the spine, you can move comfortably and fluidly through a wide range of movements; typing and swping, reaching for the printer or even leaning in to hear the latest office gossip. Its rib design works together with an elastomer spine system to increase flexibility along the entire back.

Headrest: Outer and inner shells are made of moulded polypropylene in white or black (100% recyclable).
Backrest: Adjustable for Height and Lumbar Depth: Polypropylene (100% recyclable) frame in black or white colour option. Spinal joints of thermoplastic elastomer in grey colour. Nylon mesh in Jet grey colour
Seat Mechanism:  weight-sensing mechanism auto-adjusts recline resistance according to user weight. Tilt-lock, Seat height and Seat depth adjustment. Diecast aluminium structure with steel and nylon parts.
Armrest: 100mm height adjustable range. Made of polypropylene (100% recyclable).
Seat Depth adjustable for a 60mm range. Black soft and durable Fabric (100% recyclable)
Base 695mm diameter diecast aluminium (100% recyclable) in polished finish. 65mm diameter dual-wheel in black Nylon.

Optional Headrest
Achieving perfect posture is easy with the removable, adjustable headrest. Comfortably cradle your neck with this sleek, height-adjustable headrest, relieving a stiff neck and headaches.

Weight Sensitive Lumbar Support
Other ergo-friendly features include adjustable, supportive soft-touch armrests, a customizable lumbar support that allows for fine-tuning whilst a weight-sensitive mechanism means reclining is smooth and achieved without locks or levers.

The Desky’s Pro Ergonomic Chair is both ergo and eco-friendly; constructed with eco-friendly materials that are up to 62% recyclable at the end of the chair's life cycle. So, you can be sure you’re looking after yourself and the planet.

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