Desky Lockable Under Desk Drawer
Need some extra storage or a place to tidily store your valuables where potential prying eyes can’t get to it? Our lockable under desk drawer is just the thing your office needs.

Measuring at 342mm wide, 322mm deep and 96 or 192mm tall, it’s perfect for documents or for personal storage. Everyone needs a place to keep their secrets, and it should be under your desk!

Featuring a dual level construction capability, The lockable desk drawer can be configured with or without a book gap depending on your needs and available space. The drawers also boast a super smooth sliding mechanism and sturdy lock. Constructed from high strength steel and available in matte black, grey, and white you’ll have no trouble matching your new Desky desk.

We have been busy making accessories like our drawer units to keep your space safe, secure and clutter free so you can focus on what really matters.

Make more desk space!
Hanging for additional space: Designed to hang down further to allow space for notebooks above. Store valuables safety out of view whilst having easy access to any notepads or other goods ontop!
All Colours Included: Covered in durable powder coat paint to ensure it can withstand daily use. With high a high scratch resistance you will be able to enjoy the storage for years to come.
Large Capacity: Dual sliders allow for carrying a full drawer and easy access at anytime during your work day whilst also being discretely positioned under your desktop.

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