Desky Active Wobble Stool
Standing for work has many great benefits, but sometimes you do need to take the weight off. Extended periods standing, especially for those not yet adapted to it can have its own problems. The Desky Sit Stand Active Wobble Stool allows you to easily lean when you need a little rest. And it's flexible enough in it’s movement to make sure you’re always comfortable.

The gas powered rising mechanism means that when you need to lower your desk, the stool will follow at the flick of a lever. A heavy base provides total stability so you can be sure not to topple backwards. Adding adjustable ergonomic stools to your workspace is a great way to keep movement flowing and keep yourself motivated through movement.

Ergonomic Position: Easily move up and down to gain your perfect position, ensuring correct posture while standing or sitting.

Easily Adjust: Simply press the button at the base for a quick release to adjust the height up and down.

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