Adjustable Laptop Stand
The sleek elegance of our Stepless Adjustment Laptop Riser is second to none. Designed to support laptops, tablets and eReaders 28cm - 43cm, you will find adjustment is seamless, offering maximum flexibility for comfortable, ergonomic viewing angles.

The laptop riser is made of lightweight, quality aluminum alloy and incorporates anti-skid silicone pads and a protective edge to prevent your laptop from sliding. Fully collapsible, it's easily stored away and portable, making it convenient to use at home, in the office, at a co-working space or in a coffee shop. It packs away easily for business trips and travel. The aluminum alloy keeps cool and heat dissipation for laptops and other devices is further enhanced by vents in the laptop shelf, avoiding high temperatures and extending the life of your laptop battery. Quality laptop risers, that's Desky!

Optimise your ergonomic workspace
The stepless adjustment of the riser allows you to move smoothly through suitable levels and fine-tune to your personal posture; its ergonomics prevents stiff shoulders, lower back pain or hunching over. Re-adjust quickly to suit a sit-stand working environment. Ideal if you're looking for a more comfortable and healthier working environment. Use the free space under the stand, created by its Z-shaped design to store your keyboard, USB hub, tablet and phone, keeping your desk organized. Non-slip pads with silicone rubber on the bottom reduce wobbling when typing, provide an ultra-stable base and protect your desktop from damage.

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