Custom Lockers

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 Lockers are now essential in the office

Due to the shift to hot design, working from home and flexible workspaces the need to provide staff a safe and personal storage solution is essential.  

The rapid increase in demand for personal storage has resulted in a sophisticated product range with options to adapt to any work space. The popularity of shared workspaces eliminates the ability for staff to keep personal belonging at their desk - the locker solves this issue. Modern lockers can be permanently assigned to staff or set up for use by anyone as needed.

Options to upgrade your lockers are endless, to explore all options call our Sales Team on 02 4952 1555.



Built in Newy.

Our lockers are designed and built to last. With our EOF Academy 10 year warranty on melamine construction you can be assured in the knowledge that your investment will last.


Locking systems 

Incorporating digital locking systems to your lockers can allow a seamless integration for staff. We can install locking systems to utilise your existing security tag system. Digital locks are easy to use and provide the security that staff want.

Lockers are no longer an unwanted eyesore in the work spaces, through then use of colour and pattern lockers can enhance a space and when designed with consideration of the work space lockers can provide privacy.


Introducing XLOCK  

European developed and manufactured wireless smart furniture lock system XLOCK allows users to access their personal locker through advanced technological options. To explore what would work best with your existing security systems, or to introduce the best possible option for your work space please contact our team.

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Standard locking options 

EOF can provide advice on standard locking systems for a cost effective locker. Durable locking options include the Hafele deadbolt lock or a latch-locking system designed to used in combination with a padlock if required for additional security.