Active Learning Spaces

The workspace as we know it is changing and so is the classroom. 

Could sitting still be the new enemy of wellbeing? Primary, High Schools and Universities are being designed to make students move, these innovations are starting to spill over into the commercial fitout space. Active Learning Spaces are enticing students to learn in a flexible space which provides opportunity to adapt. Stools that swivel, padded floor cushions, tiered seating to students to perch on have become classroom staples. UNSW recently released a guide on Active Learning Spaces which highlights the benefits of these dynamic flexible spaces. The research suggests that an active learning space can encourage students to engage easily and increases student participation. Universities are switching to active learning spaces to encourage students to work corroboratively. These future-focused learning spaces replace the old chalk board discussions with a physical and digital space which encourages collaboration and combines formal and informal learning.

“Dynamic movement and adaptable furniture is key to a successful fitout” Lauro Sottovia, sales executive at Experienced Office Furniture.

As a result furniture needs to be tough enough and flexible enough to keep up “The more students move the tougher the product needs to be. The Sebel range gives us the trust to design spaces where movement is encouraged with confidence that the furniture we specify will withstand the use. The options of Sebel are endless and not limited to use in the education industry. Any multi-use office space could specify Sebel Products especially in collaboration or communal spaces. The added bonus is that Sebel products also look good.”

Integrated technology is vital and can be integrated within the furniture. Furniture and seating with in built charging ports support the emerging teaching approaches. To integrate technology and data into an office or educational space Lauro likens it to planning a home renovation “You need to consider how you intend to use each individual space and exactly who intends to use it. We offer a free floor plan design service and computer generated renders to help you visualise your space.”

Office design and layout is also embracing the change with Active Working Spaces. The emphasis is shifting away from static desk bound environments into dynamic interactive spaces where the option to work and generate activity is key. Experienced Office Furniture General Manager Paul Wildschut is encouraging clients to consider Active Working Spaces. “Wellbeing is at the forefront of the shift, the idea of incorporating varied movement whilst maintaining productivity is the end goal. There is often hesitation revolving around the concept, however we find once one worker makes the switch it triggers a flow on effect. Dynamic office interiors enable worker to work collectively or individually depending on the task.”

Sit/stand desks are the obvious product of choice when designing an Active a Working Space - sit/stand desks are an effective way to get up and move. Many office spaces are not willing to disregard existing desks and workstations so the introduction of desk stands to the market has taken off. Desk stands offer our clients the option to convert their existing fixed height desk into a sit stand desk. 

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